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The reversal, which comes as tax season is underway, hints at public discomfort around the expanded use of facial recognition technology in our daily lives and could raise questions about other parts of government that rely on the same private company as the IRS for verification purposes. It also raises questions about whether other government agencies will pull back on their own use of facial recognition software more broadly as the technology has been widely used across the US government for years."I understand the transition process may take time," Wyden said in a statement Monday, "but I appreciate that the administration recognizes that privacy and security are not mutually exclusive and no one should be forced to submit to facial recognition to access critical government services." We have also improved our customer flow on mobile, including a way for customers to see and provide any missing information through the app itself. Customers may start to receive push notifications and emails requesting additional information to remove coinbase restrictions on their accounts. (Please note that you should only update this personal information on our mobile and web applications). First, over the past two months we’ve seen a sustained market rally that has brought a significant number of new coinbase customer support onto our platform and re-engaged many existing customers. Second, evolving regulatory requirements mean that we have to collect additional information from some of our customers, which has meant temporary restrictions being placed on their accounts as we request that information.