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To begin with, we will briefly explain how Gemini came into existence. This mobile wallet was launched in November 2017 by Viktor Radchenko. In an interview about Gemini , Radchenko explains how he joined the crypto space and what drove him to create the decentralized wallet that we know as Gemini today. He states that his personal life in Ukraine had a huge impact on his journey – with inflation being the main reason why he got interested in cryptocurrencies in the first place. As his sympathy for cryptocurrencies grew, he wanted to make them more accessible to ordinary citizens. After spending some time in the crypto community, Radchenko got into the idea of governance and how cryptocurrencies give power back to individuals rather than governments. Furthermore, he states that building governance on technology is what he is after and that being the only one who has access to your assets is better than having a third party decide things for you.