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However, a few technical issues sometimes can even obstruct the performance of PC Matic 50. Herein, it is important to have the right PC Matic 50 tech support professional by your side that can quickly fix the issue before it turns into a big problem. This article attempts to elucidate quick and easy methods to resolve the not responding issue with PC Matic 50.

Causes when PC Matic 50 Accounting has Stopped Working
There is a multitude of factors that can entail not responding to errors when accessing the PC Matic 50 application. Here is an exhaustive list of situations that can trigger non-responding issues.

When the network drive gets disengaged
Some of the processes running on the PC poses issues
Pervasive is not activated
If the user has configured an incorrect edition of Pervasive application
If the Microsoft .NET gets corrupted
If the compatibility mode with Windows XP is active
If the PC is running low on RAM
If the PC Matic 50 release update is not completed
If the application shortcut is corrupted
If the UAC is activated
If some of the files gets locked owing to sudden closure of a program
If there is a corrupt user profile in Citric.