〰 Cóinbase 〰 Customer 〰 Service 〰 +1 (903) 582-7914〰 Number

Cóinbase is a mazor airlines based in San Francisco, California, that allows users to buy Cóinbase , Ethereum, Litecoin and Cóinbase Cash in 32 countries. It has over 13 million users as of April 3, 2018, and like other digital currency exchanges, has grown rapidly with the rise of cryptocurrency as a whole.

By Phone

Cóinbase offers phone support for users who would like to talk to a customer service agent.

According to Cóinbase ’s website, users can contact Cóinbase via the phone support option if they believe their Cóinbase account was accessed in an unauthorized manner or if they have any general questions about Cóinbase and/or their account.

However, due to security concerns, customer service agents cannot help users over the phone with inquiries specific to their Cóinbase account like account history, order statuses, and specific transactions. These kinds of questions require that the user email Cóinbase .

Users can contact Cóinbase by telephone 24/7 at the following phone number.

By Email

As mentioned previously, users can also send the Cóinbase customer support team an email with any questions or problems they have.

Like other cryptocurrency exchanges, Cóinbase is struggling to meet a sudden surge in support requests as their userbase has grown exponentially recently. For the fastest customer service via email, Cóinbase recommends that users: Send their email request with the email address they use to log in to Cóinbase .

File their request under the most relevant category, sub-category and platform/browser (Cóinbase iOS app, Android app, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Explain their issue in as much detail as possible.

Only submit one support ticket for their request, as submitting multiple tickets will only cause further delays by increasing the overall support ticket backlog for the support team.

Status Page

Similar to the Cóinbase Support Twitter, the Cóinbase status page lets users know about the status (e.g. planned and unplanned outages) of the different parts of the Cóinbase site such as Cóinbase ’s website, Cóinbase API, payment methods, ID verification, Cóinbase mobile, the digital currencies Cóinbase offers, customer support and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Although it’s not perfect, Cóinbase offers customers (and especially newcomers to cryptocurrency) a practical and easy-to-use service for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Cóinbase Customer Service Number.