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September Means S.P.IN

Welcome to the September Pledge Initiative

Thanks to your support the VinylHub database has exploded to over 8,500 record stores. Is the database close to containing every record store in the world? We have a feeling there might be some unrecorded stores in far-off reaches of the world, and we need your help putting these record shops on the map (literally).

Know of a record shop that isn’t on VinylHub? Add it now.

With your help this September, we’ll reach our goal of saving 60 record shops to the VinylHub database, and make good on our mission of catalog every record store around the world.

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How to contribute to Vinylhub

  1. Discover a new record shop in your town or while traveling.
  2. Search the Vinylhub database for the shop. Can't find it? Add it using the submission form.
  3. Nicely done! Now other Vinylhub community members can can discover the same shop!
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