Larrys Corner

Stockholm, Sweden


Welcome to Larrys Corner... a little corner of the world for those of us looking for... I don't know... let's just look for it. basically we can look at music, films, books and whatever else pushes our buttons

At Larry's Corner we specialize in all that other stuff. The more obscure it is, the better the chances you will find it here. And if you don't, then just ask. Larry loves looking for stuff. 15 years as a Swedish librarian has given Larry a knack for looking and for finding. So don't be shy.

We also have an art room that is available to artists needing a cool little room to exhibit. Get in touch for terms.
The art room can also be used for book releases, readings, kids theatre....we open to pretty much all that is at least semi legal.

We also have a mini film club and have small cozy concerts
get in touch if you are interested in doing a show

we got oodles and oodles and an oodle or two more here so i will try my best to get most if not all onto this site. gonna take a while so feel free to ask!

Open hours:
tues - fri: 11:57-18:04
sat: 11:56 - 17.02
sun - mon find something better to do. i wanna play with my daughter so we closed
Grindsgatan 35, 118 57 Stockholm, Sweden