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Berlin, Germany

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Kastanienallee 48, 10119 Berlin, Germany
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Comments posted 1 year ago:

There´s even a video on youtube about Uwe Trostmann of "Franz and Josef" and his special way to treat customers; it´s in german language of course.

indiestate posted 3 years ago:

This is the worst shop i have been in the entire life. I don't know is there a law to force this guy to behave normally, but I can only tell that everyone is to avoid it.

I came and started to check his records as I do everywhere else and got no problems, since if records could be not as good being the second hand ones, I could see it before I buy. but after really 5 mins of my checking his stuff he told me that I need to go away of his shop! i bought for thousands of euros in different shops and markets in Berlin but never got such a rude and incredible attrention!

It was there around november 6th, I was just shocked really. I got a lot of money to buy something, and it seemed to be alot there to make me interested, but he just thrown me away! The owner of the universe - rememeber me? Wish your business would grow, dear:)

ChrisR1967 replied 3 years ago:

I couldn't agree more. Had exactly the same experience in Nov 2017. I'm usually not the person commenting in the internet, but this was the rudest treatment I ever experienced in any kind of store. Just looked at three of his records for about 1minute, when the owner showed up with the comment 'You better leave now, you won't buy anything anyhow'. Ridiculous

aubry replied 3 years ago:

Makes me want to try :D

jensv replied 3 years ago:

Guy needs a psychiatrist. Read all the comments on Google Maps.

Henricus replied 3 years ago:

Haha, I just posted (and now read) about the exact same experience. This guy should seek some mental help.

steffenschmitt replied 3 years ago:

Everybody who wants to visit this shop, maybe the reason is because of the negative critics, please do yourself a favour and don't go to this psycho. I was there because I couldn't believe the critics but thereafter I was shocked.
I only go to this shop with a gunman behind me.

Henricus posted 3 years ago:

After five minutes of digging through the overfilled boxes (50% bootlegs and russian counterfeits), the owner asked me to leave - because 'apparently' I wasn't going to buy something (!). A new one for me. I would say: don't ever go there and leave this pseudo-hippy to his own.

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