Glitter Records

Glitter Records is an independent music store in Foritude Valley, Brisbane. We specialise in vinyl and stock other exciting goods including books, toys and Pokémon trading cards. We have a great love of pop culture, new ideas and pre-loved items radiating with nostalgia. We take pride in giving customers a unique and memorbale experience.

In November 2022 we opened our first Glitter Records shopfront at 6 California Lane. We hope you visit us soon. You are welcome to drop in anytime.

At Glitter Records we strive to treat others with dignity and respect. For this reason, we acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, the Turrbal people of the Meanjin Nation. We pay respect to Turrbal elders past, present and emerging.

Our Values

1. All You Need is Love!

We love what we do. As an organisation, we take pride in giving customers unique and exciting experiences. We have a great love for nostalgia. Especially when others experience it with us.

We place high importance on acting with love and kindness. Both as a team and during our professional interactions. We try our best to get to know our clients. We are all about coming together and sharing our passion for music.

2. People Have the Power

Glitter Records respects, celebrates and appreciates differences. We embrace those of different ages, genders, educational backgrounds, and cultures. We celebrate the fact love for music can bring all of us together.

This value manifests itself in our interactions and sensitivity towards customers. As well as members of our team. If we fail to live up to this standard we work hard to learn from our mistakes and improve.

3. We are the Champions

At Glitter Records, we strive for excellence. Whether buying from a major record label wholesaler or thrifting at a local op-shop, we want to stock quality items. If you shop with us you deserve the best.

4. Nothing but Flowers

We are committed to preserving our environment for coming generations. This is reflected in activities such as ensuring we work towards using environmentally friendly packaging, stocking pre-loved items to continue their cycle of use and supporting environmental initiatives. We strive to make continuous improvements in our environmental practices. We love our planet. Let's thank it!

Our Story

“The Glitter Records story is an interesting one,” shares owner Riley Fitzgerald, “It takes many twists and turns. Glitter began in 2018. And this may surprise you. It started as an online psychedelic art and music fan magazine called Cosmic.”

“As well as creating some dazzling artwork, I learned a lot about the Cosmic readers' deep connection with music. And above all else the vinyl album. And so in 2020, I decided to dive into the world of online retail.”

“Glitter’s next evolution was The Glitter & Gold. It was one part blog and another Depop. Unlike Cosmic, Glitter took a broader view of pop culture and social issues. I also learned a lot more about the ongoing vinyl revival.”

“Growing from Depop, the Glitter and Gold store expanded to Discogs and then on to eBay. Three thousand star sticker decorated packages and hand-addressed letters later came a third and final transformation. When the lease for first my office came to an end, I decided to set up shop at 6 California Lane.”

“The blogging had to take a break for now. My focus was moving away from cyberspace. It was now on real life customers and experiences."
"This leads me to an important point I want to make to you. The work I, and a lot of other very talented people, did with Cosmic and Glitter and Gold gave something meaningful to millions of people around the world. But after the isolation of the coronavirus pandemic, I really wanted to do something for people in my local community here in Brisbane."

"In November, I opened the shop’s doors. It has been a terrific experience so far. I have learned so much from the people who have dropped by to visit. And if you have not had a chance to come in already, I hope to see you soon.”
22 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia
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  • Sunday 11:00 16:00
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