Welcome in the 710 RecordShop, warehouse based in Lausanne, Switzerland since 2003.
Our stuff come straight from JA (we collected and still collect 7inch / 45 RPM in Ochi, Mobay, Kingston, all over JA).
The 710 stock is mega supa fat (around 70K reggae on 45RPM, 60K Classical and 30K all styles worldmusic on 33RPM vinyls.
The shop is open on Friday afternoon cause we work full time next to this muzik passion.
We can speak French, English, German or Portuguese & we ship Records Worldwide.
Don't hesitate to contact us & come.
Welcome !
Av. de Rosemont 1, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Friday 17:00 23:00 Only onpen friday afternoon because full time job next to this music passion
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