Heritage Posters and Music

Sell New and Out-Of-Print Music On Vinyl or CD!

Rare concert, tour and gig posters
Maybe you were there, maybe you weren't. Doesn't matter, you can still re-live a bit of music history.

Music photos
Legends and heroes were caught on film - and we got 'em! Right here, right now.

Movie posters
Everything from the A-Team to Zhivago. If it's cool enough for a wall, we got it!

Re-live music history!

Concert posters, gig posters, music posters. Rare, out-of-print posters to newly issued posters. It's all here.
Posters dating from 1930s to now. Silk-screens, offsets, lithographs, numbered and signed by the artist, all genres.
Posters for collecting, for investing, for gifting. Framed or unframed, our selection and prices can't be beat.
With thousands of posters in stock, and more arriving daily, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Search our catalogue at the Calgary store.
Contact us now to ask about your favourite posters. If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, we can find it for you. We ship worldwide.

Music that stands the test of time

Looking for that out-of-print CD, or classic record? Maybe you want a framed photo of your favourite music legend. You just found the right place.
Heritage Posters & Music sources collectible vinyl and CDs from around the world and spanning 60 years. 60s rock to glam rock, obscure jazz to Seattle grunge, folk, roots, soul and motown. Blues, metal, hip-hop, punk. Genre-bending and genre-straight. We've got thousands of choice tracks on vinyl and CD, authentic sounds that a true music lover will appreciate.
And that's not all. Photos of music legends and heroes, some rare, some not. All collectible, framed or not. Autographed or not.
The choices number in the thousands and change daily, so you should contact us to find that special music memorabilia that you have been searching for.

Celebrity swag

If there's any industry that has lots of swag, Hollywood is it!
We have a friend who was a movie rep. He was in the business for 25 years, and his father was in the business for 25 years before that. So if you owned a movie theatre, he would supply you with all of the posters, lobby cards, black & white stills, and the promo kits for the movie. You are in luck, as we have accumulated his entire collection of Hollywood collectibles.
So, if you want to open up your own movie theatre, we have everything for you! Or, decorate your own home theatre!
There is simply too much swag in stock, and more arrives daily, to list everything here. So give us a call and have us do your searching for you. We ship worldwide.

Pop culture memorabilia

We've got autographs, pins & buttons, postcards, and action figures. And a huge selection of books & magazines -- new and back issues. Need a Rolling Stone mag from the 80s? We've got it. Looking for postcard-sized rock posters? Celebrity action figures? All here.
No request is too wacky, you just never know what we can find for you. Call now and see how weird and wonderful we can get to satisfy your collector's habit.
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