Funk Cult Records

Funk Cult Records imports new vinyl records from London, UK, and Tokyo, Japan, exclusively for the Romanian market.
Funk Cult Records is manifested only in certain areas (cities) in Romania, such as: Oradea, Arad, Timișoara, Brașov, Iași, Bucharest, Constanța and Cluj-Napoca.

Ambient/Drone; Balearic/Downtempo; Bass; Breakbeat; Broken Beat/Nu Jazz; Coldwave/Synth; Dancehall/Ragga/Reggaeton/Hiphop Remixes; Deep Dubstep; Deep house; Disco/Nu Disco/Re-Edits; Drum & Bass; Dub; Electro; Electro house/electroclash; Experimental/Electronic; Folk/Americana; Footwork/Juke; Funk; Funky/vocal/disco/club house; Hip hop/r&b; Indie/Alternative; Industrial/Noise; International; Jazz; Library/Archive; Minimal/tech house; Post Rock/Experimental; Progressive house; Psychedelic/Garage Rock; Punk/Hardcore; Reggae Classics/Oldies/Ska; Rock; Roots/One Drop/Lovers Rock; Soul; Soundtracks; Techno; UK Funky/4 4 Garage/2 Step.

Marc, Ciprian-Marcel
Ciprian Marcel Marc
Strada Căpitan Ion Gârbea 26, București 050683, Romania
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