Vinyl Lovers - Säljer, Köper LP från 70/80-talet

Vi sell and buy Vinyl LPs from the 70s/80s
I'm an avid collector of rock, hardrock and blues from the late 60s to early 80s, and also enjoy the occasional reggae, ska, soul and new wave record.
A while ago I started to list my collection on discogs, and decided to thin out and focus on the records I want to listen to over and over.
I sold some, and made complimentary purchases of others.
One thing led to another, and during the corona isolation I ended up buying collections to find what I wanted.
It's been an amazing 1,5 year music journey,
and I invite you to take part of some of the music I like.
Inspektörsgatan 4, 252 27 Helsingborg, Sweden
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