Utopia Records


Record shop specialized in rock, blues, 60's and 70's, jazz, indie, reggae, punk, metal.
Vinyl, CD's, Cassettes, Clothing and accessories
A club for lovers of good music
A meeting place. That's Utopia Records on 700 MaipĂș street, a few meters from the pedestrian street. A spacious, comfortable redoubt, where the discs have the largest space. In them is the reason for being of those who inhabit it. These days it celebrates 42 years of activity. So even when it's after 20, someone knocks on the door and exclaims "Happy birthday!" between hugs. Between Alberto Arce and his son Diego, what was formed is a team of love for music. And the climate that is perceived in places like this, it is known, is not the same as in any other.
Local 8, MaipĂș 778, S2000 CGE, Santa Fe, Argentina
+54 9 0341 424-6159
  • Monday 15:30 19:30
  • Tuesday 15:30 19:30
  • Wednesday 15:30 19:30
  • Thursday 15:30 19:30
  • Friday 15:30 19:30
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