Dragon Records was founded in March, 2019 by Aryue and Julius Beat having set precedents across the globe with his own successful catalog of independent releases, the label calls upon a multitude of genres and artists under this new collective, putting creativity and exploration of sound at the forefront of its agenda. With a huge arsenal of new music ready, DRAGON RECORDS promises to be an exciting and open-minded new venture from the leading Producers. Outstanding releases in big room, trance, future bass, hardstyle, electro house and even in the dance genre have made Dragon Records been in the tops of this respective genre Working and Investing in rising talents such as Aryue, FF, Julius Beat, Skipper, 39 Kingdom and D.E.R. , Dragon Records has been able to nurture aspiring artists until they reach the top of the game. send your demo:
[email protected]
Cl. 19 #18-17, Yarumal, Antioquia, Colombia
+57 312 741 57 39
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