Plaza Video n' music

Just a lover/collector of art,music, and movies buying and selling the rare stuff he finds. RARE CD's, VHS, tapes, and various ephemera, with a slant towards underground rock , indie movies, and adult entertainment. Began selling in flea markets in 2003. Previously known as Tokyo Music in 2012-2018 at another location. Prices will be ultra-cheap to high so you will find deals ! Open every day possible (which usually means 5 or 6 days) from around 2pm to sunset. Most things in shop not listed online. No records/vinyl. You can find the latest slam death metal to smooth jazz library catalog CDs to Big BOX porn VHS to jap games and other things you wouldnt normally find in a store! If you're not there to steal, theres nothing to fear- i'm just a schlub collector too:)
1832 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107, USA
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