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Cosmicott posted 1 month ago:

I go to GBV at least twice a week. There seems to always be a good turnover with used LPs. New LPs come in regularly. Very eclectic and relatively hard to find jazz, rock, folk and international. Just to give you an idea, over the last few months, I picked up a few new re-releases by Can, Neu!, Agitation Free, Mr. Bungle, Faust, Peter Green and Kurt Vile. I found nice used copies of some rare Les De Merle LPs, an original Leningrad Sandwich LP, 1st press of Gish, Type-o-Negative's October Rust, Slint's Spiderland, and My Bloody Valentine's isn't anything.

Pricing is very fair. I would expect to pay more for new or rare used LPs almost anywhere else. Stuff moves quickly... so get on the instagram/facebook feed. They are more generous on trades than anywhere I have been.

Also, even though I do not buy them, they seem to have some hard to find CD's, 45's cassettes, DVD's and a few cool books.

***If you are driving in from out of town, you should know that Elsmere is home to what some people consider to be the best place to get an Italian Sub in the world... The original Casapula's. You'll need GPS to find it as it is tucked away in a residential neighborhood...close, but hidden.

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