Bajnok Bakelit

Zalaegerszeg, Hungary


6000 records on stock ;)
Zalaegerszeg, Könyök u. 1, 8900 Hungary


KakalakiAkka posted 8 months ago:

Best place I've ever been! Huge amount of vinyl, you can select what you want and of course you can listen them too. My selected vinyl was also cleaned and Bela is very helpful and we always have pleasant conversation (I was there a couple of times...)! The prices are very, very fair so you could buy a lot of vinyl! :) Not to mention, if he wrote/sad, it's in NM, M, Good condition, then it is in that condition (some other guys on discogs or another vinyl market sites have illusions about what is mean Near Mint or Good condition...). So buy from him, trust me, it will worth it!

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