King's Court Market

The Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada

A variety of different vendors sell on consignment here. Two vendors in particular go to a lot of trouble (new inner and outer plastic sleeves on all their records) with condition and selection. You never know what you'll find in the back.
99 King St E, Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0, Canada


Mollygator posted 2 years ago:

Being an antique collector as well as for vintage vinyl, I’ve been coming here for over 20 years. As you would expect from typical antique malls, there are a few booths which have a pile or two of well picked through and well worn copies of common and not overly desired artists and genres, but one never knows what comes in, if you are lucky and hit the right day. The main vinyl dealer booth does have a few hundred albums of rock related genres and not too bad a selection. I was able to find about 40 that I was interested in (about 8 I had been on the lookout for, for a few years and they turned up here). On inspection of condition, however, two thirds were put back in the bins as being in lower (in my opinion) than discogs vg condition. I ended up buying a lucky 13 ranging from vg to vg+ condition. There wasn’t a single lp that I would consider in nm condition, yet the prices asked were consistently beyond the discogs highest price range for realized sales, which are the preserve of nm and beyond. I’m not sure which pricing guide this dealer uses, but for those discovering this location through discogs/vinyl hub.... be prepared.

Mollygator replied 2 years ago:

Sorry, to be fair on re-reading my entry, I should correct the comment that I returned two thirds of the lps I was initially interested in, to the bins, because they were lower than discogs vg condition (in my opinion). It should read, “at or lower than vg condition”.

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