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Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

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213 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 3FS, UK
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kuma.chan posted 3 years ago:

From their name I thought they might have some interesting stuff but it was quite disappointing. I got the idea their stock mainly comes from charity shops as most of the records still had price tickets on. There a few junk shops along this row of shops who tend to have a couple of boxes of records as well as the somewhat better Underground so it is worth a quick browse here.

trailerstar replied 3 years ago:

Jill and Rob are informed and friendly owners and for Nottingham collectors they provide a valuable service. Before slagging off shops that cater for ordinary fans and not dealers! Having 11,000 items for sale on discogs suggests your attitude based on ability to find items to resell hence the snarky comments over condition which can damage a small shop like this. For your info the shop has regular first class items but as you from Reading I'd suggest you'd miss that as looking for reselling items......basically you are a dealer so try and be more polite in future....

Meanwhile I hope next time you visit shop (if ever) they don't serve you :-)

An Anarchy regular....

trailerstar replied 3 years ago:

Ok I take back comment about dealing I misread the marketplace mistake but rest stands ..think about what you say before slagging off small businesses that can be damaged by comments like this.

trailerstar replied 3 years ago:

Yes I wrong you only have 10, 616 lps for sale.....I dont take anything back...

kuma.chan replied 3 years ago:

Am I not entitled to an opinion? I am not looking for items to resell, I am looking to add to the 30,000 items in my collection, I'm quite happy to shell out when there is decent stock for sale (I spent £450 in Underground that day on a pile of reggae and ska rarities). The trip to Anarchy Records is a 2 hour round trip for me and if it wasn't for the other record shops nearby it would have been a wasted trip. I did go through the box of "first class items" (a box of overpriced classic rock). I don't personally know the owners like you do so I can make an impartial review rather than give a glowing review based upon the fact the owner is my mate and I want him to buy me a beer later. I visit a lot of record stores and I like to share my experiences so others can decide whether it is worth a trip there. In this case Anarchy Records fell short of the mark, sorry to disappoint you and your mate.

mariemarie replied 3 years ago:

I have no desire to get involved in the unnecessarily vitriolic spat that you two guys are having. Neither am I a 'mate' of the shop owner. I am merely an occasional user of Anarchy records and one who has never been anything other than delighted with my purchases of vinyl there. The 'overpriced classic rock' is being sold on behalf of another trader who at present is without his own shop. The vinyl in Anarchy is very reasonably priced in my opinion. I will continue to use it and can recommend it to anyone else reading this.

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