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Moscow, Russia

hundreds of thousands records of all genres. Rock, jazz, soul, psych, classic, fairy tales...

Huge disadvantage is prices on lots of classics and rare records. Most of the records are overpriced. But if You have money in your pocket you will leave with a bunch of great records
Leninskiy prospekt (dubler), 70/11, Moskva, Russia, 119261
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GazHilarant posted 2 months ago:

I had purchased from this shop in the past and was very satisfied, unfortunately recently I made an online purchase for some records they have had on their stock list since 2016, only to have them confirm my order and indicate the copies on their website had recently sold, however they had replacements from their distributor however the price was doubled. This was very odd as these were numbered editions and the numbers of the "new" copies where the same as the ones I originally requested.

Coincidentally they also went into their stock list and doubled the price of the Mobile Fidelity Blonde on Blonde they had, I have no issues with record stores charging current value for product, however this is a classic case of "bait and switch", these are old stock items that were not price adjusted and never sold.

Name: 4/9424; Dylan Bob; Dylan Bob's Greatest Hits; 2 LP
Price: 80,€
Amount: 0
Price: 0,€
Comments: - not available, another batch from the distributor will cost 12000 р = 150eu

Name: 4/8554; Dylan Bob; Desire; 2 LP
Price: 75,€
Amount: 0
Price: 0,€
Comments: - not available, another batch from the distributor will cost 14000 р = 170 eu


Comments: Hello! We apologize, but this copies were sold not so long ago, we can offer you another versions from the distributor, but with different price, detail information in commets /// Please ship vinyl records seperate from sleeve to prevent seem splits! Tha k you so much.

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