Discos Cucos

Santander, Spain

Jazz,Blues,Soul,Funk, Disco,Reggae,Electronic,Latin,Rock,Pop,etc..
Calle Sta. Lucía, 41, 39003 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
  • Monday 10:00 17:00
  • Tuesday 10:00 17:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 17:00
  • Thursday 10:00 17:00
  • Friday 10:00 17:00
  • Saturday 10:00 17:00
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  • Merchandise
  • Radiocassettes
  • walkman
  • turnables…


DAVIDBRUNNER posted 4 years ago:

This shop has 2 turntables, amplifier and speakers, I asked to the woman of the shop if I can listen the discs and she don't allowed me
She only put the needle at the beginning and end of songs, when I said that she change the site of the needle, don't changed the needle of the site and shouted me
After of 2 discs I came out from the shop, I will not return to this shop

DAVIDBRUNNER replied 4 years ago:

Also has many discs not classified in years or styles, the boxes are full and for see is need remove various albums out of the boxes
Also has discs damaged without box, covers without discs and discs with the cover of other disc

Dako_DV posted 6 months ago:

Great shop, Great seller. 100% satisfied, highly recommended, great personal and proffesional threatment.

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