Ed's Attic Music Store

Caerphilly, Wales, United Kingdom

Market stall.
5 Pentrebane Street, Caerphilly, Caerphilly CF83 1FR, UK


mickoz74 posted 1 year ago:

What's the opening hours

mickoz74 posted 1 year ago:

Nice store, little niche in the market. I bought a record from there got home and checked on discogs the £8 record is showing £4.11 top end my fault not checking earlier, a few of the cds and records had heavy or long scratches I wouldn’t risk trying them on my system. Really inspect the records and cds very throughly before purchase, they have been graded by owner but I think you really need to look for yourself.

Eds-Collectables posted 2 months ago:

Why buy records that have long scratches, not bother to check them and complain about it later?
Also a £4.11 record on discogs would cost you £4.58 postage on top, so looks like you were quids in on that one,
a bonus for visiting a real record shop, so you could check it was in good condition as well!
Bit of a pointless review really, and if they were that bad, you should have taken them back and asked for a refund,
I know I would.

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