Elvis Shakespeare Ltd

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

We are specialist dealers in rare vinyl and quality literature, based in Edinburgh, with a shop at 347 Leith Walk, of which you can see a nice photograph below.
347 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SD, UK
0131 561 1363
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CarpetBagger18 posted 1 year ago:

Good selection of old vinyl.

AKdot posted 10 months ago:

I wouldn't bother, plenty of other record stores that aren't run by a nasty old man who hates his life and his customers. Unbelievably hostile. Here's the last message he sent me:

Sleeve is Ex condition, corners rubbed. sleeve sticker a tiny mark where i checked superman was there by peeling( i know you don't understand that because you clearly do not actually play records) have fucking sick of you so go fuck off and whistle for your money. i know paypal will refund you but let's waste your time as you've wasted mine. if i get lucky, i'll die before it goes through! another wanker who is clearly not interested in the record. why not try collecting wallpaper mate: more your field. me, 99.6% positive feedback over years. you, 60.7%: says it all really. i will not be opening/replying/communicating with you ever again so knock yourself out sending your bile as i ain't opening them

Yeah I have bad feedback, but this guy is a thief. I wont be going through paypal, Id rather let him decide to do the right thing or not. I hope his friends try to get him the help he needs.

kuma.chan posted 5 years ago:

I lived 2 minutes from this store but only bothered to visit it once. I visited one rainy Saturday morning and was with my wife who was going to look around the local stores while I was here and she agreed to meet me after 15 minutes. It was a pretty mixed up store with all manner of drawers hiding piles of records that haven't been looked at in years. However I really can't say much more than that as after 5 minutes the proprietor put his coat on and told me "You have to get out now as I have to walk my dog".

Anyhow, while I was looking for my wife she returned to the shop where the owner was not walking his dog but at the counter chatting to someone. "Excuse me, did you see where my husband went" she asked polited, only to be told "Fuck off, can't you see we're talking".

No idea whether there really was a dog or if not why he kicked me out of the shop if there wasn't but this out-of-town store didn't strike me as having anything worth walking 15 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh to look at.

M.C.97 replied 4 years ago:

Was this at Elvis Shakespeare? Because I have had a lot of experiences like that in that shop, in the past.

M.C.97 replied 4 years ago:

Was this at Elvis Shakespeare? Because I have had a lot of experiences like that in that shop, in the past.

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