Bull City Records

Durham, North Carolina, United States

2600 Hillsborough Road, Durham, NC 27705, USA


greenect1 posted 2 years ago:

This is by far my favorite record store in the Raleigh - Durham area. They heavily support local artists, frequently have overstock sales and great bargain bin finds, and the entire staff is very knowledgable of their entire stock of records. Brand new records are always competitively priced and used records are the most reasonable compared to other stores around that do not seem to keep up with current market values.

Best thing about the store, for me, is that they have a small section for the local artists and keep all of their new, used record arrivals at the very front of the store. I've nabbed records for Mandolin Orange, Mipso, and Iron & Wine thanks to the local section and original copies of Pink Floyd and Stevie Ray Vaughan thanks to the new arrivals section.

I do wish they had a section for exclusives, limited editions, and colored vinyls since those are becoming increasingly more collectable. I'd visit even more often, instead of ordering limited editions online, because I'd much rather support the local business.

But other than that, go here if you want you or your friend's collection to grow quickly!

ugastampe posted 7 months ago:

^ what greenect1 said. Would recommend.

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