The Record Collector

Los Angeles, California, United States

Specializes in "unusual and rare used classical and jazz records with over 500,000 records in the heart of Hollywood."

The Record collector was founded in Hollywood in 1974 and has
been in the same location for more than 25 years. You will find
here unusual and extramely rare and out of print 10" and 12"
vinyl LP's. Above all, we pride ourselves in having what you need.
The Record Collector offers you a distinguished record service
that you cannot find anywhere else. In addition, The Record
Collector has quite a collection of classical and jazz 78's, reel to
reels, music books and cylinders.

The Record Collector has an inventory exceeding 500,000 records.
It consists of 300,000 classical LP's, 100,000 jazz LP's, and over
100,000 records consisting of soundtracks, vocals,comedy, spoken
word, blues, ethnic music, R&B, and soul music. You will find herein
a veritable mini library of Congress for phonograph records. All of
our selections are carefully inspected upon receiving them and before
we ship them out. We employ a simple grading system: Mint, Near Mint,
Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average, Fair and Poor. Each record
will be priced base on rarity, desirability, and condition.
We offer you an effective and easy way to find what you are
looking for. We encourage our customers and those interested
in finding records to submit a wish list to us. Customers are
welcome to call, E-mail or fax us to check for any particular
records. We are one of the largest vinyl record stores in the
world and hope we can accommodate your needs.

As word of our store has spread, growing numbers of out-of-town
visitors from all over the world have stopped in our store. In
addition, more and more people are bringing us their collections
for us to buy. We buy record based on: condition, rarity, and
7809 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA
(323) 655-6653