Vincebus Eruptum


Headquarters of the Vincebus Eruptum magazine and record label. Specialized in psychedelic rock, stoner-rock and space-rock. It has also a second-hand section growing up all the days...
The store is also the HQs of SAVONA-VINILE, the local records fayr
Vico dei Crema, 15, 17100 Savona SV, Italy
  • Saturday 10:00 13:00
Also Sells
  • Posters
  • CDs
  • T-shirts


fktkrt posted 1 year ago:

Excellent store with kind and informative service. Could spend hours in it.
Has mostly psychedelic stuff, next to some very rare first editions from other genres too. Always a good idea to stop by.

davidew replied 1 year ago:

Thank you for your nice words!

davidew posted 1 year ago:

Opening hours on Saturady are:
10:00/13:00 and 16:00/19:00

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