SuperShop2010, "Грампластинка"

Kyiv, Ukraine

We are a small records and music store.
In my store, in addition to buying vinyl, audio cassettes and rell2reell tapes, you can also buy available, both vintage and modern sound reproducing system and recording equipment. We also accept for repair vintage equipment such as vinyl players, amplifiers, receivers, stereo systems and the like. We repair speakers of any complexity, from replacing suspensions and rewinding coils of speakers to restoring speaker boxes.
You can also order new belts and interchangeable needles for your turntables.
вулиця Вербова, 19,Київ, Украина, Павильон 32-А, Київ, Kyiv city, Ukraine, 04073
+380 97 7990033, +380 99 7990033
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday The store can be opened by prior arrangement.
  • Wednesday The store can be opened by prior arrangement.
  • Thursday The store can be opened by prior arrangement.
  • Friday The store can be opened by prior arrangement.
  • Saturday 09:00 17:00
  • Sunday 09:00 17:00
Also Sells
  • We sell
  • buy and exchange vinyl
  • audio cassettes and reel2reel tapes
  • Vintage Audio Equipment
  • we sell spare parts for players
  • - belts
  • spare needles
  • vinyl care systems
  • we manufacture ultrasonic washing of vinyl in the presence of the customer.


SuperShop2016 posted 1 year ago:

Excellent shop! Many rarities from the world of music. Acceptable prices. Recommend!

Eugene7 posted 1 year ago:

Hey. Welcome to our online store.
Thank you for your interest in our vinyl records =)

We are here, Welcome! (Subscribe to us and get a discount):

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