Innovative Audio

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Mostly deals in used/vintage audio equipment but also sells used vinyl.
13255 78 Avenue #204, Surrey, BC V3W 5B9, Canada
  • Tuesday ??? 17:00
  • Wednesday ??? 17:00
  • Thursday ??? 17:00
  • Friday ??? 17:00
  • Saturday 10:00 16:00
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  • Audio Gear


Mr.Malloy posted 2 years ago:

I used to frequent this shop in Surrey, BC when I lived on the West Coast and freely shared my glad tidings regarding my purchases and information gleaned from the owner (Gordon Sauk). However...

I lost a couple grand worth of equipment I'd dropped off at
Innovative Audio to test (intention was work out a straight sale or
consignment agreement). The next week my Brother died and let them know that I had to leave town. They said they understood and everything was cool. Not soon thereafter my Father passed away.

Everything so suddenly changed and I had to move back to Manitoba to settle things and take care of my Mother. So...

It was about 4 years out here before my memory
finally twigged and when I contacted Gord (the owner) he wouldn't even
offer anything in compensation. Now, I completely understand selling
"abandoned" items, but they didn't even attempt to contact me!

Major bummer. I'm talking about a Marantz 4000 Quad w/ SQA-2 adapter,
a Marantz 2220B ,Pioneer SX-1010, Ariston RD-11 TT (w/ Mission 774
tone arm/Ortofon MC30/FRT-3 trans/Spiked table base/original boxes &
paperwork), Kenwood Control amp, Carver power amp, and a couple
average Sansui/Technics Receivers. I originally purchased the
Marantz/Pioneer/Ariston items from them, so they have the sales
records and know darn well what I've lost.

Just a word of warning. Perhaps anyone else has had less than satisfactory dealings with this store?


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