The Record Exchange

Salem, Massachusetts, United States

The Record Exchange is one of the oldest used brick & mortar record stores in the United States, founded in Salem, MA in 1974. 2014 marks their 40th Anniversary. They specialize in buying & selling used & new records, as well as CDs & DVDs. They don't have a website.

From their Facebook page:
Each record we price & display for sale is carefully cleaned, graded/evaluated and processed. LPs (and 45s) are priced according to CONDITION of vinyl, CONDITION of cover, and PRESSING (original 1st pressing, vintage 2nd or later pressing, current reissue, etc.) We are strict in our grading, and strive to be as transparent & honest as we possibly can be in our selling, labeling our records with descriptions & significant details. Only 2 of us price records, so there is a noticeable consistency in our pricing as well. (SEE FAQ BELOW). Finally, each cleaned & priced LP (over $3.99) is bagged with a 2 mil protective sleeve, and most pricier LPs are DOUBLE-SLEEVED for protection. Should you read "as is" or "marks" on a sticker, expect there to be some slight/light to moderate marks, or signs of play/use, and that there will most likely be some varying degree of occasional superficial background noise, occasional slight-light ticks/pops and the like. We do NOT sell LPs with deep, feelable scratches or that are destroyed (really beat up)! As noted, these LPs are priced accordingly and offer to our customers better value for their dollar. It also explains why customers may sometimes note widely varying prices on what looks to be the same record. A VG- Led Zeppelin LP should be much less than a near MINT 1st pressing original.
256 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970, USA
(978) 745-0777
  • Tuesday 10:00 ???
  • Wednesday 10:00 ???
  • Thursday 10:00 ???
  • Friday 10:00 ???
  • Saturday 10:00 ???
  • Sunday 12:00 ???


zbarbera posted 1 year ago:

Great shop with a lot of unusual records. There's always something I am lusting after.

Prices are very fair. You're not going to get ripped off but you're not going to find a steal, either.

2 main problems are:

For one there are piles and piles of unsorted records that never seem to get sorted and put into the bins. So, to find some gems, you have to dig through all of those stacks and the shelves under the bins.

Second problem is that a vast majority of records are unpriced. And if the manager isn't in, your are pretty much SOL because the guys workng at the counter aren't authorized to come up with a price. You need to leave them with your name and number and wait. Fine if you live very close but it's not a quick visit for me so I never know when I'll be back, so I always just end up leaving behind things I'd love to buy.

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