Mr. Monroe

Eisenstadt, Austria

Domplatz 3, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria
02682 72110, A


FeldmanFloyd posted 12 months ago:

Well, this is a good example for how a record shop should not be. There's no order at all, all genres are mixed together, some LPs are stacked on the floor, others are crammed into crates and shelves at total random. The plastic sleeves are old and dirty and there's almost no lighting inside the shop. Granted, I found some good records but the prices are totally over the top, the owner writes Near Mint prices on items that are barely Good Plus. The used CD prices are ridiculous as well, at many times they're higher than what the CD is worth sealed. When I spoke to the owner about scratches on one LP he just sniffed and said "yeah, well, you can't hear those". Well, you can't really blame anyone who'd rather shop on the internet than at this place.

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