Fantasy is a 6600 square foot retail store located in mid town tax riddled Newport News. Indie-Alternative-Metal-Blues CDs, Cult movies, Statues, smoking accessories, martial arts, t shirts, posters, jewelry, tapestries, gemstones, incense, doorbeads, dresses, candles, oils, and more ! We buy-sell-and trade CDs, LPs, and DVDs.

Over 2,000 Music and gift items. Indie record store with jewelry, posters, martial arts smoking accessories, gemstones, new age,oils, and oddities.
10117 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23605, USA
  • Monday 10:30 ???
  • Tuesday 10:30 ???
  • Wednesday 10:30 ???
  • Thursday 10:30 ???
  • Friday 10:30 ???
  • Saturday 10:30 ???
  • Sunday 12:00 ???
Also Sells
  • Gemstones
  • Jewelery
  • smoking accessories
  • martial arts
  • new age
  • incense posters
  • T-shirts
  • dresses
  • door beads
  • tapestries.


kisscatastrophe posted 2 years ago:

unfortunately after over 30 years the wonderful Mitch has retired and Fantasy has been closed permanantly. although it will live in our hearts forever. what he did for the comminity and for music fans like me who could NEVER find what we wanted in regular stores is immeasurable. we’ll miss you sorely

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