Warbler Records & Goods

Santa Barbara, California, United States

Warbler Records & Goods is a shop in Santa Barbara's historic district that specializes in used and new vinyl, as well as CDs and cassettes. Warbler also carries vintage and new turntables, table radios, receivers, and record needles and belts. Our focus is on craftsmanship rather than mass production. The music that Warbler carries is handpicked by the owners, who are committed to offering an eclectic and uncommon selection. Warbler is always buying LPs, 45s, CDs, and cassettes, and might be able to fix your turntable, too.
131 East De La Guerra Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA
805 845 5862
Also Sells
  • handmade ceramics
  • letterpress calendars
  • letterpress cards
  • textiles
  • lamps
  • Books
  • glassware