Uptown Record Store

Getting there: "Take the metro line 11 or 10 to Jiaotong University (交通大学) and take exit 6. Turn left when you come out of the station and walk along Huashan Road (华山路). Take the first left after the park, which is Pingwu Road (平武路). Number 115 is actually a residential building, but there's a small entrance way next to where the residents go in with small sign letting you know you're in the right place (see image above). It might look completely wrong since there's a bunch of parking spaces and other stuff, but you're in the correct place. Walk down the ramp, hang a left, and then the door to Uptown Records is a red iron door next to a small staircase on your left. If you've walked to the end of the corridor, you've gone too far. If the store is open, the door is open and a light is on. If Uptown is closed, the light won't be on and you might not see the red door because it's kind of dark. See picture above for what the door looks like. Walk down the stairs to the bottom, go through the bunker-like door, and then the rooms with the records is on the left. You'll hear the music." (http://boondoxgarage.blogspot.de/2014/12/discovering-shanghai-via-its-vinyl.html)
115 Pingwu Rd, Changning Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000
  • Monday 14:00 21:00
  • Tuesday 14:00 21:00
  • Wednesday 14:00 21:00
  • Thursday 14:00 21:00
  • Friday 14:00 21:00
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