Knight Sounds Entertainment

San Jose, California, United States

Owner, Carlos, has been in the DJ Scene (Club/College Radio/Mobile) for over 35 yrs. Has an extensive knowledge of Freestyle, Hip Hop and NRG genres and a comprehensive foundation of other styles of music as well. His shop literally has thousands and thousands of tracks for sale. Prices are reasonable (for used wax). A diggers paradise. On my initial visit I had to keep myself from diving in because I know I could easily blow 5+ hours and that would just be scratching the surface. open 7 days a week but call in advance if you're planning on getting there at noon (when he opens shop).
1518 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116, USA
(408) 926-3535
  • Monday 12:00 ???
  • Tuesday 12:00 ???
  • Wednesday 12:00 ???
  • Thursday 12:00 ???
  • Friday 12:00 ???
  • Saturday 12:00 ???
  • Sunday 02:00 05:00
Also Sells
  • Also turntable and mixer repair. DJ accessories (headphones
  • styluses). Mobile DJ rental (speakers and lighting). Also has 2 annual “50 Cent by the Pound” vinyl sales.