Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gallusovo nabreĹžje 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


ficofix posted 2 years ago:

Great stuff in there, lots of interesting finds (new and old), fair pricing and a very helpful owner / staff!

DJ_Phoney posted 1 year ago:

Had a nice conversation with the owner, who was very friendly and also gave me a contact to another collector - which turned out very cool.
I bought something (rather int than Yugo) from the 2nd hand cheapos since I'm not into new vinyl.
The store seems to be well-sorted when it comes to alternative and guitar-oriented genres. Think I saw a whole shelf for Voodoo Rhythm releases for example. They are Cargo (now 375 Media) distro customers; so you can imagine a bit of a general direction.
Probably a great store for anyone living in the area, regularly buying new releases or reissues.

If you plan on visiting record stores in Ljubljana; combine a visit with checking shops like "Jazz & Blues" or "V.O.M." as well.

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