Gledališka pasaža, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


alesgergeli posted 2 years ago:

You can’t find any price, because they are determined as owner likes.
It seems he will not like to sell you.

halfwayhut replied 2 years ago:

There are a lot of records but no order at all. I tried to ask the owner for some specific records or genres but he just waved his hand at the shelves and said that if I don't find something of interest in 10 minutes I can leave. Most of the vinyl albums seemed to be flea market material. I left and wont return. Not worth a visit.

MAK47 posted 4 years ago:

Owner/Staff isn't very helpful and almost ignores you if u aren't a local. I didn't feel welcome there. Once u ask him for the price of one record he's telling you a totally overpriced amount for some 2nd hand cheapo. Can't recommend this store.

alkbazz replied 4 years ago:

same here! hundred euro for bad shaped records is total rip off

dailerd posted 3 years ago:

Dont suport this shop. He has intressting stuff but he have oversize price and want muck around! Attention!!!

dmoens posted 2 years ago:

Unfortunately, I hadn’t read the previous comments on this shop.
Hoping for Ali Baba’s cavern. I can only confirm.
Totally overpriced. Checking his computer - I assume Discogs - and comes with a ridiculously high price, for a 5€ record.
Biiiig disappointment.

TristanoGomesio posted 2 years ago:

Despite all the negative comments, I've got to say that the owner is not a crazy psycho as expected. But he does TOTALLY crazy prices, and for almost cracked records too. He actually checks his computer (I assume Discogs too) and yes he comes with insane prices for records apparently bitten by dogs. Since I came from Italy, I felt obliged to buy something: 15 € for a record in which cracklings and rustles are almost higher than music. BUT: the only positive note is that outside the shop there are two big boxes with very old 45 RPMs - 1 € EACH. Better to buy from there that from inside, and you can do it even when the shop is closed - simply by a donation

Cut_Spencer replied 1 year ago:

I visited the store in May 2019. I only checked the cheapo-section. Now the prices for the crackled stuff are even higher. LPs 4€ Euro and 45s 2€..
If you ask for something concrete, the owner replys: "yes, i have it, but i don´t know where.. :)

DJ_Phoney posted 1 year ago:

Just went in and started diggin' without asking anything.
Almost all records are stored on shelves which makes looking through them a more time-consuming effort.
The stock seems to have dried out. When it comes to Yugo releases all I saw was the crooner stuff or 80s pop, among international releases Bill Wyman's "Stone alone" was already the most 'exciting' one I saw. Few 80s Hair Metal LP's. Barely any record worth more than 10,- (as a realistic price on the international market).
There were some price tags - not really that expensive but of course not common prices for countries with millions of records more easily available than they were/are in Slovenia.
What I liked about the store was that it felt like being in a time machine - it could've rather been the 80s to the 90s for about an hour, surely not 2019.
When I saw about half of the store I stopped and decided to spend my time elsewhere. So I didn't buy anything, took me record case said "Goodbye!" and the owner wished me well in my (obviously recognizable) search for other records.
So not a bad experience when it comes to store and owner but no actual purchase made.
Can't say if anything would've popped up if I went through really everything...

Oh, and if you will be heading for V.O.M. and use mobile navi - it's really in a passage/arcade between two shopping streets. If you don't keep that in mind, you'll run around irritated (like me ^^).

My recommendation would be; combine a visit there with seeing the other stores in town as well - as they are all not really that far apart.

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