Audio Archaeology


Records represent more than just a superior sound; they’re a little bit of nostalgia – in the richness of the music, the style of the album design, even the smell of the vinyl. It's the tangible feel as you stack albums on a changer, and pause to flip to the B-side.

As a child, I combed thrift shops for 78 records, and took tube radios apart so see how they worked. Audio Archaeology is the culmination of a lifetime of collecting, decorating and tinkering.

If you have an idea for a unique system, or if you’re looking for something classic, we can help. From Mid-Century Modern consoles or Bakelite Portable Record Players to Contemporarily-styled Systems and Component Turntables, we have something for every purpose. We offer a full line of Crosley record players, for a new take on classic styles.

But there’s more to a ‘vinyl lifestyle’ than just music! Check out our home accessories and gifts, sure to compliment a modern, classic style. We are a record store, an audio store, a vintage store, a record player store and much more!
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