Carries new LPs/45s and used LPs/45s/78s as well as new and used CDs/Cassettes. There is also a selection of new and used stereo equipment (turntables, receivers and speakers).
415 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806, USA
  • Monday 11:00 20:00
  • Tuesday 11:00 20:00
  • Wednesday 11:00 20:00
  • Thursday 11:00 20:00
  • Friday 11:00 20:00
  • Saturday 11:00 20:00
  • Sunday 12:00 19:00
Also Sells
  • Books, Magazines and Vinyl Cleaning/Care Supplies


eldavoloco posted 2 years ago:

A great record store with an eclectic selection of music of all kinds, from highly collectible vinyl representing rock, psych, old blues, r&b and more, to more affordable selections in all genres as well. Also a lot of breadth in their CD offerings, and even a small section of old 78s that seemed very reasonably priced to me. A big section of inexpensive vinyl (2 bucks, I think), with lots of weird cool stuff. Plenty of obscurities in many niche genres, with all manner of weird metal being but one example. They also carry tickets for many local shows, and their front windows sport an encyclopedic collection of flyers of coming shows from all over town. The staff have always been helpful, and I’ve never gotten any “hipper than thou” attitude, even though my days of passing as “cool” are far behind me. I was ecstatic when I recently scored the Silicon Teens LP (an odd little synth pop gem by the founder of Mute Records) in the new arrivals vinyl! As someone who grew up in Asheville before it was the hipster mecca that it is today, I am grateful to have such an awesome store in my hometown!

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