The Beat Records

Hong Kong

Mostly new CDs and records.
Some great condition obscure bargains found here, lots of unused stock from decades ago.
53 Tung Choi St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
2780 0956
  • Monday 01:00 23:00
  • Tuesday 01:00 23:00
  • Wednesday 01:00 23:00
  • Thursday 01:00 23:00
  • Friday 01:00 23:00
  • Saturday 01:00 23:00
  • Sunday 01:00 23:00


FreeHUEY posted 2 years ago:

Hello... I'm looking for a few albums that are from Asia, but I can't search their names because it's in a different language... I do have pictures of the records and wanted to know if you may have them available for purchase... Below is the Dropbox link with the album pics... Thanks in advance for your help...

hmhell posted 2 years ago:

Mostly Chinese/Asian LP’s and a lot of CD’s. Very limited western music and little to no second-hand

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