Discos Amsterdam

Valencia, Spain

Amsterdam is a record store founded in 1982 by Juan Vitoria and Miguel A. Galan and linked to the concept of forming a club passionate about music, so the store has organized concerts and is closely related to a radio show as "The 39 Sounds ". In the shop there is a special care in dealing with collectors, whether vinyl or CD, vintage sounds as contemporary art and have a search of any product, including hard to find original vinyl. Last year we organized the "Rockin 'Shopping Center" with 23 electric concerts of the best groups of the new Valencian rock scene, all concerts were held in front of the store (because we have a fantastic interior plaza in front) and a Record Store Day 7 bands playing in the store in acoustic format, which, in all likelihood, will do this year.
Av. de Pius XII, 2, 46009 València, Valencia, Spain
+34 963 483 965
Also Sells
  • There are also quite merchandising (shirts
  • Patches
  • Posters
  • etc).