Spinning Discs Sheffield

Spinning Discs Sheffield is an independent record store established to give music lovers in Sheffield a place to meet, relax, drink coffee and browse new, reissue and select second hand vinyl in a friendly community environment. We are not a global. We value our Customers, their views and their comments.

We cater across the very wide board of musical tastes from Indie to Classical and Hip Hop to Metal.

If we don’t happen to cater for a Customer’s taste then we always welcome a discussion to see what we can do.

We want you to enjoy the experience of spending time browsing through physical records and perhaps chancing upon something you fancy or even just liking the cover art and thinking “why not”. We believe that the age of the physical format is here to stay. So let’s get physical.

If you love vinyl and love music then Spinning Discs Sheffield is definitely worth a visit.

From September 2016 we've opened the Record Emporium in the back of Spinning Discs Sheffield with over 1,500 select second hand titles to dig through!
55 Chesterfield Rd, Sheffield S8 0RL, UK
07521 450 111
  • Wednesday 12:00 ???
  • Thursday 12:00 ???
  • Friday 12:00 ???
  • Saturday 10:30 ???
  • Sunday 11:00 ???
Also Sells
  • Record cleaning service (Keith Monks)
  • accessories and tee shirts