Shop Guidelines


You can add as many genres as you wish if the store specializes in a few different types of music. Other users browsing record shops can filter the database on location and genre, making it easier for keen diggers to find the store. As this is still a relatively new field on VinylHub, it’s still fairly under-used, so including genre could go a long way in terms of discoverability.


The opening hours of the store. Use 24h time notation (eg. 17:00 instead of 05:00).

Use the notes to specify breaks, when the shop is only open on specific days of the month or on appointment.

If you know the shop is open but are not sure about the exact opening times, just check the Open checkbox.

Phone Number

The phone number the store can be contacted at.

Include area code to make it as easy as possible for other users to get in touch with the store.

Adding as many links here as possible will make the store more discoverable online and help interested users find how to follow you on social media or purchase from the store on Discogs.

Links to YouTube videos will show the video on the Shops page.


Mark this checkbox when the shop is permanently been closed or no longer selling vinyl.


The shop’s address is used to show the store on the Explorer map and for directions.

Enter the full address, with country and zip code if applicable.
Please be accurate and precise with the address input so the shop can be mapped properly and other users can find it easily.

Our map is powered by Google Maps. If you have entered the address accurately but it’s showing up in the wrong location on the map, please report the discrepancy to Google.


Be as clear and detailed in this field as possible to give potential visitors and customers a good impression of the store - as well as helping search engines understand the information on the page and the the store better.

Also Sells

Add all categories of items that are also sold by the record shop, aside from vinyl.

For instance, some shops also sell books, vintage clothing, antique teacups, etc.

This is a great way to differentiate your store and appeal to different types of diggers.