Event Guidelines


This field contains detailed ticketing information.

Add the price in the currency the tickets are sold in. Link directly to the ticket selling page (instead of to the event website for example).

Use the description to differentiate different types of tickets (sellers, early bird, one days tickets, etc.)


The dates the event will be running.

This is meant for events that span more than one day (and the days are usually consecutive). If the event is recurring (it happens once each year for example), create a different submission for each occasion.

Event Name

The title of the event.


Check this box if the event has an ATM machine available.


The name of the venue. Do not add the address here but put it in the address form.


The hours the event will be opened from each day. Use 24h time notation (eg. 17:00 instead of 05:00).

Early Bird Entry?

Check this checkbox if there is early bird entry available.

A list of links to webpages that might be of interest. For example, the official event website.

Links to YouTube videos will show the video on the Events page.


The address of the event for directions.

Enter the full address, with country and zip code if applicable.
Please be accurate and precise with the address input so the shop can be mapped properly and other users can find it easily.

Our map is powered by Google Maps. If you have entered the address accurately but it’s showing up in the wrong location on the map, please report the discrepancy to Google.

Event Organizer

The name of the event organizer.


Be as clear and detailed in this field as possible to give potential visitors a good impression of the event, as well as helping search engines understand the information on the page.