Code Of Conduct

First of all: relax. This is supposed to be fun as well as a serious endeavour.

Please be helpful and polite to other people.

Do not curse, lose your temper, call names, or otherwise cause the submission process to be unpleasant or frustrating for others.

Do your best to submit according to the guidelines.

Respect the data. Think before changing things. If in doubt, ask in the forum.

If you see an error, fix it. Get stuck in, Vinylhub doesn't have any voting right now.

Take care when altering the data, explain your edits when needed, respect the database, be open to discussion, and ask in the forums regarding any difficult areas if necessary.

Never submit false objects and updates, objects from memory, etc.

You should never continue submitting an object or update that you have been advised is incorrect, or flood the site with incorrect or malicious submissions, updates, comments, spam, or otherwise attempt to corrupt the data, or cause obstruction to the submission and review processes.

Please don't do updates just to change the order of data (such as in the format or credit fields). Only do updates to correct or add information.

Vinylhub reserves the right to take whatever action necessary to protect the database and the general Vinylhub community from such behavior.