Can we have a Twitter dropdown for URLS?

Would an 'Other' type be possible?'

Yes and Yes!

I've added both but I think Other should show the raw url, instead of masking it like the others do. That will take a wee bit of work.

Great, thanks!

I'm trying to add Twitter , Instragram, & Tumblr links to my shop's page on here, but I see no Other dropdown. Did it get removed?

I was just looking for it myself, can't find it.

Okay, I just added Twitter, Instagram, Thumblr, and Other.

How is the display? Do you like it masking the url with the service name?

^ Tumblr, can we have an edit function?

Tumblr name is not typed right in the dropdown :-)

By the way, all my URL's are not working ( extended vinylhub address before right ones... ) can you check it please ?

Add http:// in front of the url's that should fix the issue with showing up first.

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