I've noticed an increase in the number of shops which are not proper shops at all, but online shops.

The address listed for these shops turns out to be the residential address associated with an online shop. Some list opening hours which are misleading, as they are in fact only open to members of the public by appointment -- if at all.

By this logic, everyone with a discogs inventory could, in principle, list themselves as a shop on VinylHub. This would overload VinylHub with useless information and make it much less useful.

There should be some way of distinguishing these 'shops' from proper record shops so that they can be filtered out of search results. Right now, VinylHub presents a misleading picture. It suggests a middle sized city has 8 shops, say, but on closer inspection it turns out to be only 3 actual shops.

I realise there are grey areas, e.g. business addresses (warehouses, distributors, large mailorders, etc) who regularly admit members of the public as long as they make an appointment. Some of these are acceptable in my opinion, but residential addresses which might let you in depending on whether anyone is home should not be included in search results -- or it should be possible to filter out that kind of search result.

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