Lets say you're in Dublin (Ireland) and you want to see a list of shops on your (Android) phone using text search (not the map). So you type Dublin, Ireland into the search box. The result is a list which includes events as well as shops. I only want to see shops but I couldn't figure out how to filter out events.

Then I noticed all the events are expired and no longer relevant, surely. So why are they included in search results?

I tried to delete an expired event but couldn't see how to do it.

This badly needs cleaning up, or at the very least it should be possible to filter out events from search results. Its also odd that if you sort by Relevance, these events occur earlier in the list thsn actual bricks+mortar record shops. Presumably 'relevance' really means 'date added'.

hey EKeane sorry to hear you are having trouble. You are totally right, there is no easy way to filter shops in the mobile view.

In the desktop search you are able to filter for shops only or events by future dates. I realise this is of little help on mobile. It is something we intend to fix, but I can't promise you when we'll get to it.

We aren't deleting events because we want to keep them around for archival purposes.

If it helps in the meantime here's a to a search for Dublin filtered to shops only: https://vinylhub.discogs.com/search?q=dublin&type=shop

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