Could you tell me how to upload an image? I've tried with a .jpg but it always says that it doesn't respect the pattern. Which pattern do I have to respect in order to create a suitable image? Thanks a lot

Hi minotauro58, sorry to hear you've having trouble uploading an image. Is it a particularly large file size? Do you get an error message when trying to upload?
Thanks for your help, we hope we can resolve this quickly for you

Hi, I reduced the size but no way.It say "the string did not mach the expected pattern"

my image size is : 151.647 byte (156 KB )
680 × 960 RGB

and I saw another image posted with those sizes
176.675 byte (180 KB )
1692 × 838 RGB

Thanks for the info, minotauro58. Not sure what's causing that, we're looking into it now

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