i've just came back from Cape Verde (which is a wonderful country BTW), and there is a small CD corner at the Cesaria Evora intl airport (on SaƵ Vicente island), around 20 sqm large, selling local music (including records from of course Cesaria, but also Mayra Andrade, Tito Paris, Teofilo Chantre...). This shop is between 2 tourists shops (and certainly made for the same purpose), but has no name, like all other shops in the alley.
IMO it has to be added to Vinyhub since you may find a good selection of morna/coladeira and cape verdean music in general
=> how to add it without this mandatory info?
thanks for your answers

Good question. I know sometimes marketplace like stalls have just been given a descriptive name: https://www.vinylhub.com/shop/472047-cd-sellers

Maybe something like that would work?

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