Hi Guys:
I have planned to visit Amsterdam soon. Can you guys recommend me a good second hand record shop? I am looking for disco and house high quality staff. I have heard that the most famous ones are busy and expensive. I dont mind staining my hands but any help will be very grateful.
Thanks in advance.

I posted this in an earlier Amsterdam related forum thread, think it might be applicable to you too:

There was a good guide to Amsterdam stores on the Discogs blog a few months back, probably worth a read:

You can see all Vinylhub stores for Amsterdam on this page:

Without really knowing what sort of music you are into Rush Hour, Distortion and Red Light Records are some of my personal favourites.
Happy hunting!

Hi, I agree with what kalli says, and would like to add that I think that Mary Go Wild is a must if you're into House music. They sell records but also books and everything else related to the dance scene. Platypus records is a good place to go for Disco and World music and is just across the street from Mary Go Wild. And record label and dance specialists Bordello a Parigi are just around the corner. Zwart Goud is run by DJs, just like KillaCutz and InDeep'n'Dance. So lots of House music to find there. Waxwell Records and Record Mania are good places to find Disco music, and there are a many other great shops in the city. Enjoy your visit!

Thank you guys.
I really apreciate your tips .
Have a fantastic week.
Best Regards.

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